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    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 750-001

    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2

    Standard Base

    Color: Black
    Specifications: With shutter

    Flettner TCX-2 vent 750-006

    Flettner TCX-2 vent

    Narrow base

    Color: Black

    Flettner TCX Slimline low profile ventilator (LPV) 750-011

    Flettner TCX Slimline low profile ventilator (LPV)

    Color: Black

    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 750-021

    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2

    With shutter

    Color: White

    Flettner TCX Slimline 750-031

    Flettner TCX Slimline

    Low profile ventilator

    Color: White

    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 adaptor 750-041

    Flettner Ventilator TCX-2 adaptor

    Dimensions: To 4 1/2" cut

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