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    Jean-Pierre Desmarais, Jimexs inc. presidentJimexs inc. has a mission to be recognized as a leader in the distribution, import and export of LED lights and tool boxes for vehicles and trailers as well as hardware and cargo control products for the transportation and industrial markets.

    Jimexs offers the J-lite line of lights and electrical components which includes LED and incandescent lights, reflective tape (conspicuity tape), reflectors, utility lights, halogen auxiliary lights, light accessories and electrical components for trucks, trailers, truck boxes, ambulances and buses. All J-lite products meet SAE DOT government regulations.

    The entire range of Cargo control products is available at Jimexs as well as a huge selection of products like hinges, weld-on hinges, locks, handles, latches and bolts, door supports and holders, drawer slides, rubber products, weatherstripping, adhesives and sealants, fasteners and abrasives, trailer accessories, vents and ventilators, roll-up door hardware, anti-skid tape, and much more.

    Jimexs’ strength is the ability and know-how that results from over 25 years’ experience in research and selection of high-end, innovative products sourced from the best suppliers in the world. This expertise enables us to offer high quality products at very competitive prices. Our customers can then benefit by increasing their market share and developing new opportunities which in turn establishes a “Win-Win” situation for all. At Jimexs, we understand that the success of our customers is our success!

    This is why our slogan is: BRINGING THE WORLD TO YOUR DOOR!

    Best regards,
    Jean-Pierre Desmarais

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